California Roofing Safety Philosophy

California Roofing is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work place for all workers. Our clients over the years evaluate our overall job performance,  quality, safety, scheduling, productivity, job cost, and  reputation.

We at California Roofing want to make it our utmost priority to perform to the
 highest standards in quality work while maintaining a stringent safety

awareness at all times. To prevent injuries, all supervisory personnel and employees shall demonstrate the ability to recognize hazards and take necessary
precautions to eliminate existing and potential hazards. All employees will perform their duties in compliance with OSHA and all California Roofing Safety requirements. 

Our Objectives:

~Help to ensure that all California Roofing employees, subcontractors, and our customer work together in a cooperative and safe manner to ensure that our main
objectives can be  achieved. 

~Complete the project on time

~Perform a quality job for our Customers


~Ensure that our customers are satisfied with our team

~Achieve project safety and remain injury free for the duration of the project                           
Injury Free Environment

California Roofing  is committed to creating an Injury Free Environment (IFE), which is based on a culture that completely eliminates at-risk behaviors. There are
four primary principles behind this ideal:


•  Supportive leadership by management

Actively promote safety and provide the time and resources to guarantee that the people on and around our projects go home safe.


•  Personal commitment by each worker on all projects

 Each person will commit to understanding and applying safe practices. Each person will accept responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them.


•  Free and open lines of communication 

Employees at all levels feel comfortable identifying and communicating safety concerns to their supervisors. The appropriate person or people address concerns immediately. Workers are not afraid to report injuries and everyone offers feedback.


Being held responsible for making it happen. It takes all of us. As a team we can create an Injury Free Environment.   

Code of Safe Work Practices

All contractors must have and follow a safety program as required by CAL/OSHA.


Other applicable Safety programs include:

   Cal/OSHA Requirements

   California Roofing Company Safety Manual

   Site  Specific Safety Plan


California Roofing Company Inc